As I love to share my passion for the arts, whether it be for painting or clay, I hold workshops from time to time, conducted in German, English  

or French - including childcare, all materials and drinks. 

Contact me by e-mail ( if you would like to be informed about my workshops or stop by my website from time to time.

 1. Paiting for beginners (adults)

 2. Paiting for beginners with childcare included

"Enjoy your free time, be creative during my painting workshop and a team of nice ladies will separatly take care of your child"


November 10.2013 
- Painting for beginners / in French / max. 6 person / from 12.00 - 18.00
- incl. all materials / childcare / drinks
- costs 80,- € p.p.
( Sorry already booked out - Nov. 02.13 )
November 10th 2013

(Sorry already booked out - Nov. 02.13 )

 3. RelaxART

RelaxArt is a combination of relaxation and artistic creation.


RelaxArt aims to stimulate your creative potential hidden deep within you with the help of diverse techniques adpated to an artistic context such as meditative preparation/projective tools/breathing techniques/autogeneous training/NLP/ and soul art.

RelaxArt provides a great experience of evasion and communication with yourself also offers an extremely recreating and energising experience. 

RelaxArt is a way to experience a moment of freedom, a moment where your soul is freed from daily stress. this is a moment fro your and with you.During thsi workshop I will guide you into thsi great creative experience. It is up to you to decide how deep you would like to delve into it.


"Discover and enjoy your creative spirit with RelaxArt"


Next RelaxArt Workshop

 Mai 17. 2014

- Painting or Sculpture for beginners (adults) . max 8 persons - 13:00-17:00

- incl. all materials /drinks /childcare

- cost 45,- euro per person whithout child care , with child care 55,- euro

Tel: 0176 10 14 15 05